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The worry of investment in photovoltaic power plants
Author:admin addtime:2018-7-12
Photovoltaic component manufacturers have gradually extended their tentacles, temporarily alleviating the backlog of construction and inventory pressure. However, in the short term, the completion of photovoltaic power plants will allow this industry to evolve from one bubble to another.
At the moment, the PV module shopping mall is awful, and the producers are losing money. But the photovoltaic power station shopping malls gradually swelled up, let the company's family see the expectations from the beginning.

The clarity of the policy has undoubtedly given them a reassurance. On December 19th, the five measures proposed by the State Council executive meeting to promote the development of the photovoltaic industry were regarded as the rescue of the photovoltaic industry. Liang Tian, ??the public director of Yingli Group, said: “It is not uncommon for the highest level of the country to hold a meeting for the development of an industry. At least in the photovoltaic profession, there has never been.”

As early as October, the State Grid Corporation of China issued the "Stipulations on Doing a Good Job of Distributed Generation and Grid Operation (Temporary)". The core content is: from November 1st, the domestic distributed photovoltaic power generation project will be able to enjoy the free online connection service, and can self-use and margin. As a result, the biggest curse on the top of the photovoltaic power generation company was broken.

The dense support of the policy and the unprecedented high-profile attitude of the power grid are like adding two new fires, which has caused a hot wave of photovoltaic power plants to be flooded.

Surrounded by the city

Previously, the photovoltaic crisis has intensified. In the second half of 2011, the rapid increase in the number of companies caused many companies to come back to bankruptcy.

The reality is very harsh. In the old days, those companies still have the desire to exaggerate their wishes, waiting for customers to wait in line to buy PV products, and they will never return. Under the pressure of overcapacity and the "double opposition" in Europe and America, they were all back to the original shape.

At the climax of the photovoltaic industry, Shi Zhengrong, Peng Xiaofeng and their company were synonymous with wealth, and now it is also the representative of the naked swimmer after the decline of the photovoltaic industry. Retiring, resigning, closing, etc., hitting the eardrum of every professional.

The horrific store profession has led PV companies to choose a group. Their choice is to go down the flow - build a power station. In this new round of PV competitions, both private enterprises and state-owned enterprises are still foreign companies.
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