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Cable fireproof strap accurate construction method
Author:admin addtime:2018-7-12
The electric insulating rubber self-adhesive tape is a very common self-adhesive tape product, which is mainly suitable for the insulation sealing protection of 10kv/35kv voltage wires and cables. The self-adhesive rubber self-adhesive tape is made of butyl rubber as the main substrate, so it has excellent electrical properties, strong tensile and self-adhesive elasticity, strong adaptability to interface deformation and cracking, and reworkability. When the self-adhesive rubber self-adhesive tape is used, it is necessary to clean the surface of the protected part first and remove the separation layer, fully stretch the self-adhesive tape, and wrap it over the semi-clad cover and the object that needs insulation protection, so that it can be on the object The surface acts as an insulation barrier. There is also a semi-conductive self-adhesive tape. I don't know if it can act as an insulator. It is mainly used for rubber and plastic insulated cable terminals. Its rated voltage does not exceed medium voltage. This kind of self-adhesive tape is generally used in the shielding structure required for the manufacture of shielding layers and other facilities.
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