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Improve quality】reduce the service needs of users after the products are sold.
Efficient Service】 - Global professional customer service commitment and professional technology in line with Europe to ensure timely and efficient customer service.
Professional Standard Customer Service Commitment】24-hour hotline/U.S. 24-hour on-site/Generally, it is convenient to arrange on-site/telephone consultation service/service for life.
Service Process】Call the service hotline / provide consultation information / confirm the fault condition / confirm whether to go to the door / inform the charge standard / make an appointment time / confirm the dispatch.
Quality of Service】Please keep the documents after maintenance. The customer service will return all the repair services to ensure the quality of service. There is no best, we will pursue better.
Service Guarantee】Strictly abide by the national “three guarantees” regulations.
Service is convenient】Provide on-site service.
Customer Advisory Service】Answer customers' inquiries about products and services, accept all product repairs, and resolve customer service complaints.
Customer Opinion Processing】Resolve or propose a clear solution within 2 working days.
Our company solemnly promises to return within three months, one year warranty, lifetime maintenance.
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