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Shanghai Lu Yi cable equipment Co., Ltd.Is a professional production, sales of cold welding equipment company, has ten years of production history of cold welding, reliable quality, with international standards and foreign similar products can match each other, used interchangeably, product sales throughout the country.

The biggest advantage of cold welding machine series products are without power heating, no filler metal conductor to complete the welding die at room temperature. Practice has proved that the welding cold welding machine, clean, fast, welding point structure unchanged, the flux guide bending, extension and internal is better than the body. A wiring to ensure the success rate in 100%.
Cold welding machine in addition to have superior performance, and the operator directly by using the manual steps and begin operation without the need of training can, convenient operation, simple.

Our company adhering to the "integrity-based, quality first, reputation first" business philosophy, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, improve product quality, to ensure that the production equipment, precision parts and interchangeability, so that product quality can be fully guaranteed.

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